Mar 2, 2010

Same Sex Marriage LEGAL in DC!!! Get your License Tomorrow!!!

My Brothers and Sisters SAME SEX MARRIAGE will be LEGAL in DC T O M O R R O W!!!! Go get MARRIED!


Wonder Man said...

happy for DC

Bob said...

GO D.C.!!!

Hopefully this will stimulate progressive thoughts and actions in some of the states which have been flirting with marital equality.

Curious said...

But will it be recognized in NJ?

Curious said...

I wonder how all that is working out. You don't hear anything about it, at least in Jersey, anymore.

Bob said...

Curious Ian,

Maryland and New York may bookend momentum in the Garden State.

Progress will be made. We know this because the dying throws of opposition are reverting to biblical quotes and "end of time" prophecies if marrital equality happens.

Again, if no one has noticed, Iowa is still on the map. No war, pestulance, or moral compromise has happened. They're just Iowans being Iowans, and the planet continues to spin on its axis.