Dec 10, 2008

A Day without a Gay!!

Today, in response to the passage of anti-gay extremist ballot initiatives, gays all over the country have been encouraged to call in to work and then volunteer in their respective communites.

Given the current economic climate of our country, I am not sure how effective this sick out will be. As I was walking to work this morning, gay stores in Washington, DC's. Dupont Circle were open for business. I understand the symbolism, but the jury's still out on how effective these types of protests are.


Wonder Man said...

It was good in theory but I agree, this is not the best of times right now

Mr. Jones said...

It's a lil tough to be asking people forunate enough to have jobs not to go into work. I'm just not sure how effective this will be. Gays have a long history of not playing around when it comes to activism and mobilizing people for a cause. We shall see, I guess.